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Indian Summer Guide Service was founded in 2010 by Ashton Beebe, an Albemarle County native and avid horseback rider. Ashton grew up exploring the beauty of Central Virginia in a saddle, gaining an appreciation for the land while building relationships with the animals that allow him to visit the tranquil corners of his home.  His passion for horseback riding led him to pursue jobs on ranches across the country, from North Carolina to California, yet the Virginia Heartland inevitably called him back. Ashton incorporates the spirit of the west, training of his mentors, and love of his homeland into the private guided horseback rides with Indian Summer Guide Service.

The name references this cowboy’s gratitude for those warm, late Autumn stretches of time that make it seem like winter will forget about Virginia. Although Ashton’s favorite days to ride are late summer, private horseback riding tours are offered throughout the year. Ashton founded Indian Summer Guide Service with the support of his wife Mary and inspiration from their little cowboy in training, Hayden.

Humbled by nature’s solitude, enlivened by exploration, and appreciation of fine local beverages, the family sought to share their perspective of Central Virginia by offering unique horseback riding experiences to the public. With the goal of creating a safe, fun, relaxed atmosphere, riders of any skill level can enjoy a private horseback riding experience. This is not a nose to tail ride, the horses are well trained, responsive, and able to accommodate riders of all skill levels on an exploratory adventure of your favorite venue.